Donveli Adventure Retreats

Coming 2022!

Have an adventure of a lifetime...

Join us on a Donveli Adventure—Our All-Inclusive Yoga & Wellness Retreat hosted by Andrea Carroll.

Destinations include: Our home state of Wisconsin & California, and international destinations like The Maldives, Costa Rica, Thailand. Donveli Adventures are discounted for all members; some are members only!

The Plan:

Spend one-to-two weeks practicing yoga, experiencing new adventures, hiking magical trails, or sipping out of coconuts.
We plan to incorporate yoga practice and other valuable workshops into our trips—anything from music and nightlife, nature and elephants might be included. Expect the unexpected!

The Cost:

Costs will vary by destination, and some events and trips will be discounted for members, so expect a fair price, but high-value adventure.

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