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Lux Mat Celestial Balance Luxury Vegan Suede Eco-Friendly Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

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The Celestial Balance Lux Mat was designed by Donveli's Eddie Phanichkul and Andrea Carroll to aid in your alignment work. Unlike those phony, gimmicky alignment mats, our Celestial Balance mat is a truly luxurious mat that features a centerline and top & bottom-of-the-mat guides on a nonslip, sturdy mat that won't roll-up or get-away from you. 

Luxury Details

This mat is magical. Our lux suede top is non-slip even when wet. Dry-wicking surface draws moisture away. Natural rubber backing offers the perfect amount of cushioning and firm placement on all surfaces.

  • Vegan Suede
  • Eco-friendly, natural rubber
  • Nonslip, wet or dry
  • Luxurious cushioned rubber backing

Weight & Dimensions

  • 72 in x 27 in x 1/5 in
  • 6 lbs

(or 2.7Kg & 183 cm x 63 cm x 0.5 cm if you're nasty)

Pro Tip

After receiving, unroll the mat and allow it to air-out if the fresh rubber scent is overwhelming. All Donveli Lux Yoga Mats carry a Donveli Limited Lifetime Guarantee!

More photos coming soon!

Expected to ship no later than November 16, 2020

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth H.
The best mat I've had!

I got my hands on the Celestial Balance Lux mat and I am absolutely happy with it. This will be replacing my old Lottus Life mat that I've had for a little over 3 years. As much as I liked my old mat it's seen the damages of time and use (plus 2 cats).
The lux mat definitely feels thicker and sturdier, I really appreciate a mat with good thickness since I have tile floors and it helps keep the cold away, it also feels much more padded which makes floor work infinitely more comfy.
The design is printed on some kind of soft velvety fabric which feels really nice on the skin and is also somewhat anti-slip, which helps a lot if you are a sweaty mess like me.
Aside from yoga, I've used this for my daily HIIT routine and I've noticed it greatly decreases the impact on my knees and the lines are really helpful to keep proper foot/leg alignment while doing weights.
The only downside this may have is the weight, the thing is HEAVY, which might be a pain if you're thinking of moving it around a lot or taking it to the gym or studio, not really a problem for me since I do all my workouts at home and also because the positives really make up for it.
All in all this is by far the best yoga/workout matt I've owned, I've already recommended it to my yoga buddies :D